What His Holiness Said About Animals Is So Important
I Had Help People Hear It

“When I first read this quote by His Holiness I knew I had to do my best to get these words heard for the sake of the millions of suffering animals in factory farms.Links. I knew right away I wanted to show His Holiness surrounded by animals. But to me it is very egotistical for human beings to view ourselves as superior to animals. If I showed a human being, even a great soul such as His Holiness, in the center of the art it would seem to imply humans are superior, the center of the universe so to speak. Yet how else could I show him? I kept trying to find a way to depict this image and finally after much meditaion and thought the inspiration came—a Tibetan tanka with the Buddhas surrounding His Holiness as different animals. In fact I tried to do a snake, chicken and ant Buddha, but artistically they made grotesque Buddha heads so these animals will have to wait for the next inspiration.

“ I know His Holiness must call himself “a simple monk”, but I think perhaps he is a manifestation of the Buddha. The tenets of Buddhism requiring humility would not allow him to say so even if he thought he where the Buddha. Could I do this? I really felt I had to.

“I worried that my passionate inspiration to do this art might be considered sacrilegious. So I consulted a Tibetan Lama to make sure it was alright to depict both His Holiness and animals as Buddhas. He reassured me saying it was my vision and perfectly fine. In fact he told me about the class on tanka painting, which I took. This open-mindedness is an example why I love Buddhism, it is intelligent and non-judgmental without the obsession with sin and wrong doing so many religions seem to have.

“All Life is Sacred” click to see took nine months to create. I put my whole heart and soul into it because it is something I felt I could do to help animals. I have tried to very hard to make it beautiful and feel it is my best work to date. There are many small details that can only be seen with study. I have deliberately made the words subtle as I don't want non-vegetarians and people with prejudices against animal rights to be put off and fail to get the message. I hope that the words will get in and do their work as the art is being admired. The words 'All Life is Sacred' as well as the following wonderful prayer His Holiness says each morning around all the Buddha's halos.”—Nan Sea Love

”As long as there are beings to be found, may I continue likewise to remain to soothe the sufferings of those who may live.”
—His Holiness the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is the first Dalai Lama to be thier Patron-in-chief for Tibetans for a Vegetarian Society. For latest story on His Holiness embracing vegetarianism click here.

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