A Tiny Thought Can Change Everything

This painting contains two interconnected ideas, the first a definition from a long-lost art of China textbook—it is also a interesting description of prayer:
“Nebulae, a dust which when subjected to the internal action of nature, become organized and through a process of evolution produce the whole universe.”

The second idea is also interwoven into the artwork:
“In many spiritual traditions and belief systems thought is considered powerful. It is believed that thought is energy and energy pushes matter. If so, a tiny thought can change everything, not just in the life of an individual, but in the whole world. The world hungers for change, let your thoughts be that speck of dust that changes the course of history. Like the tiny rudder of a giant ship your can be the one that leads us to a future of peace, love and compassion.

Available only as a archival print 12 x 18 inches $50 unframed to order Email.

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