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“Nan Sea Love's art is filled with the love and power of the human spirit jumping out of the frame at you. It will touch your heart”
—Paul Williams, author “Das Energ”

Committed to Reducing Suffering of All Sentient Beings

Well-know animal advocate and artist, Nan Sea Love, has spent over three decades as an environmentalist, vegetarian (now vegan) and animal activist. She lives with her husband, Art Bock, also an environmentalist, vegetarian, and animal activist, and five rescued, senior, and special needs cats and dogs. Art and Nan Sea are committed to caring for our beautiful Earth and its animals in their every action. Nan Sea is available to speak at conferences, churches and healing centers. With a beautiful backdrop of her art she shares inspiring true stories of the spiritual lessons that came through in the creation of these paintings a show of Nan Sea's original art can also be included.

Nan Sea's Philosophy; The Wedding Guests

Each guest was asked to bring some fine wine to the grand affair. It was all to be added to the Great Cask. When the guests became thirsty the Great Cask was finally opened. It was full of plain, undiluted water. Every single guest had thought that what he or she did or contributed did not matter. Each had thought before the event, "I'll just bring water, with so many other people it won't matter what I do.”

What each one of us does at each and every moment adds up to all the Earth's problems or solutions. So Art and Nan Sea are vegans, buy organic, carry a cup, bring bags, conserve natural resources and share Earth wisdom where and whenever they can. Not afraid to be labeled eccentric, they even share their home with their “winter guests,” the ants, and gently put the occasional spider or other crawly outside.

Since 2000 Nan Sea has dedicated her art to help awakening consciousness of the sacredness of all life and our Mother Earth. Her art employs inspirational messages subtly blended with imagery to awaken and inform. Pictures, unlike words, can bypass prejudices and go straight to the heart—many may find themselves thinking in surprisingly new ways—better ways of acting towards animals and the Earth. This art is a great gift for that “spiritual” friend who is somewhat ruefully, or totally obliviously driving an SUV, eating meat, or blithely hosing down her garden with pesticides. Nan Sea's many styles and lines of art have something for almost anyone who desires inspiration and hope; greeting cards, prints, magnets, decals, fabric art, archival limited edition gilcées. What is a giclée, original art, and private commissions.

Nan Sea believes that perhaps the animals who have touched our lives are truly angels, great spirits or bodhisattvas in animal bodies—choosing to be powerless except for love, speaking a language greater than words, awakening the language of love and compassion. She hopes her art will inspire the viewer to help heal the Earth, to help end the tremendous suffering humans cause animals, our Earth, and ourselves. Perhaps then we may awaken within our great souls that are worthy of the unconditional love that surely some cat or dog has lavished upon us at sometime.


Nan Sea also donates original art and prints to environmental and animal fund raisers and digital art for selected sites. Click on the link FREE art to learn more about receiving art for your fund raiser or just to decorate your site. Contact Nan Sea for a sample video.

Interview with Michael S. Bell “Surrealism and Visionary Surrealism”

A exciting interview with the first American art expert to recognize Visionary Art as a valid genre. Followed by an essay by Nan Sea Love discussing the history of Visionary Art from a Visionary artist's perspective.

“The Most Important Thing I Can Tell You…”

Nan Sea's most important lesson that she feels she must share with the world came through a vision and its subsequent painting “The Prosperity Angel” Click to see. Click to read story.

Television Interview with Nan Sea Love on suprememasterTV.com and Vegan Radio interview “Spirituality and Vegetarian”

Contact Nan Sea Love

Phone: 707-545-2322 or E-mail
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Artwork © Copyright Nan Sea Love 2003. All rights reserved. 10% of all profits gratefully given to animal and environmental organizations.